Features Overview

Page Previews

Splitr renders your PDF pages, so you can see exactly what pages your selecting


Splitr only stores files for 24 hours. After that they are removed from our servers

Works on all systems

Being a browser based application, Splitr works on all devices and operating systems

Cloud Computing

No need to buy even more software. Easily split PDF files for free in your browser

Search a Website for PDFs

Splitr can also scan websites for PDFs. Just paste a publicly accessible URL below, and we'll search for PDFs

Splitr Chrome Extension

Want a shortcut to split PDFs found on a website? Download the Splitr Chrome Extension so you can quickly extract PDFs from the site your on!

Get Chrome Extension

Share a PDF to Google Classroom

Want to share your PDF to Google Classroom? You can do that with Splitr! After you split a PDF, we give you the opportunity to share it to Google Classroom. Allowing you to either create an assignment, or post it to your classes feed.

If you want to share an unmodified PDF to Google Classroom, use the button below.

Using SplitrĀ® is Easy


Upload a PDF


Select your Pages

Once we've processed your PDF, you can proceed to select pages you'd like to keep.

Splitr allows you to select single pages, ranges, or both! Just tell us the pages you'd like to keep


Download your PDF!

Once your split is complete, you can download your PDF!

We also allow you to share your newly split PDF directly to Google Classroom, using Classroomify!